Frederick County Real Estate October 2013

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“It’s better to wait until Spring to put your home on the market”

“No one is buying houses now”

“The serious buyers are holding off until next year”

These are just a few misconceptions I have heard circling over the last week. I thought I would take a quick moment and address these rumors head on. Real Estate is not unlike any retail environment. It’s a basic system of supply and demand. Retailers have learned over the years that there is a certain ebb and flow to the sales process. Houses sell year round because there is always someone in need of housing. Frederick County is currently low on housing inventory and buyers are still out shopping. While selling your home when the flowers are in bloom and the grass is green sounds more appealing, losing money because you are competing with an inventory boom does not. It’s simple! The more houses on the market, the more competitive your pricing will need to be. Less inventory equals a higher more flexible price point. More $$$ in your pocket. Buyers out shopping for houses at this time of year are serious. They want and need to move. Instead of having 20 showings in a week you may only have two serious buyers come thru. The tax year housing write offs, relocation, and those just looking to capitalize on the current low interest rates; buyers are motivated for many different reason, but they are BUYING. So the next time you, or someone you know,  is thinking about selling a home remember it’s all about the timing.


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